Meet Alexis

Deepen your insight, increase your awareness, create new solutions, and execute decisions better.


Alex littlefield, PhD, MBA

Coaching inevitably leads to greater awareness of oneself and one’s environment. Self-awareness means knowing that there’s always space for improvement while living fully and contentedly in the present state of an endless journey of progress and setbacks. You cannot change others, but you can change yourself, your self-talk, your mindset, and your approach to what is important to you. By so doing you will see a change in your state of self-acceptance, your relationships, and your environment. You have the answers and know what needs to be done. When you meet with me over time, you may discover for yourself what prevents that breakthrough to your next level of progress and strength. 

How I See You

You have intrinsic value that is infinite. Whether you are an Olympian, a convicted criminal or both, your accomplishments and failures are incidental to your value as a person. Given your accomplishments and failures, where will you go from here?