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Alex Littlefield, PhD, MBA

Coaching inevitably leads to greater awareness of oneself and one’s environment. Self-awareness means knowing that there’s always space for improvement while living fully and contentedly in the present state of an endless journey of progress and setbacks. You cannot change others, but you can change yourself, your self-talk, your mindset, and your approach to what is important to you. By so doing you will see a change in your state of self-acceptance, your relationships, and your environment. You have the answers and know what needs to be done. When you meet with me over time, you may discover for yourself what prevents that breakthrough to your next level of progress and strength. 

Given your accomplishments and failures, where will you go from here?

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It’s often said that CEO is a lonely position, and that’s true even with a co-founder or a committed management team around one. No one else carries the same responsibilities, and when you face challenges with your team, you need someone to talk through different alternatives and consequences before engaged with the team on the problem. Alex can actively listen and question, without the emotional attachments of being in the every day. I can go into sensitive conversations better prepared because we imagine different scenarios togetherAlex has helped me lift my head up out of the everyday battles of running the business to refocus on what is important. Alex has revealed some of my hidden assumptions that one cannot by nature identify oneself. Challenging those assumptions makes me investigate the degree to which they are true. As a result, I’ve been able to re-allocate assignments across staff to make better use of the team. The change of work has given the staff new enthusiasm as they get to focus on new areas of work. The accountability that Alex provides makes sure I stay focused on what is important, or else make conscious decisions to change priorities in the light of new information or circumstances. I find myself finishing up items as I prepare the next session, so I have positives to report. (Alex) has helped me think about how personal stress and work stress interact. Together we have worked out how to carve out some time for myself, and I’m now spending time with my mother over Zoom painting watercolors together. It gives my mind a break… new stimulation and helps me keep up with family obligations – a double win.

     Client, United States 

I began coaching with Alex just after my retirement from Cisco Systems and a move to another state. I wasn’t sure if coaching was really necessary after leaving the legal department, but thought to give personal coaching a try. After having completed a package of six sessions of coaching seven months ago, I still find that the habits I chose to develop during my coaching sessions with Alex are still part of my weekly routines and habits. Alex has helped me improve my EQ in areas of communication and nurturing personal relationships. I found the personal development plan we worked on together useful and it helped me recognize root issues and assumptions that held me back in some key areas of communication. I wish I had had a coach work with me on some of these emotional intelligence areas much sooner in my career.


     Client, United States